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Take advantage of this innovative technology and see, and measure, how it improves guest satisfaction and grow revenue by allowing guests to request service at a press of a button.


As guests lounge and relax by the poolside, sometimes for hours at a time, ensuring prompt service when the guests want it, can, at times, be challenging - pronto allows the guest to remain in control and for the associate to "personalise service” promptly whenever the guests request it.

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Offer prompt, efficient and personalized service which could include towel service, cold-pressed juices, seasonal fruit plate, chilled and scented towels, inspired menus, champagne and beverage service and a whole lot more… all at a touch of a button.


They say food actually tastes better al fresco! It's hard to beat dining outside when you feel the sun on your face and a gentle breeze cooling you.

However, servicing a busy al fresco dining area can be challenging, from an operational point of view. Nevertheless, pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" ensures guests are not impatiently waiting to catch an associates attention.


The purpose of all-day dining is to offer more of your menu throughout the day and ensuring revenue is maximized.

Service tends to slow down after main meal periods; breakfast, lunch, dinner and, sometimes, guests who arrive outwith those periods are overlooked, as associates focus on preparing for the next meal service, which can, and does, lead to complaints - pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" ensures that guests can receive attention promptly.


The lobby bar is one of the most challenging areas of the F&B department. It is the heart of the Hotel. It is the place for meetings and recreation after a business day and for guests who just want to soak up the atmosphere but service, at times, can be checkered due to the volume that some lobby bars have to cope with, especially at peak periods.

The pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" ensures that the speed of service assists in turning over the tables a lot more, and a whole lot faster.


One of the many challenges of running a successful bar is to make sure guest glasses are kept full and this becomes even more challenging in a busy bar.

Guests may initially go to the bar with just drinks in mind, but after a round or two that appetizer or snack becomes appealing - pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" ensures that guests can place orders quickly and you can ultimately capture extra revenue whilst delivering efficient service.


To those from outside the business, the glitzy decor, music, drinks and people dressed up for a night out might seem more fun than work.

In reality, however, nightclub operators face a range of potential problems and must work hard to combat them while providing each guest with a favorable experience.

This business requires not only a flair for entertainment but also ensuring that the speed of service is fast and efficient to capture revenue generating opportunities and pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" call buttons assists with this.


Elevate your guests’ celebration experience by ensuring that they can place their orders all “at a at a touch of a button" , ensuring that your guests receive personalized prompt service, whilst, at the same time, maximizing revenue generating opportunities.


Managing a business is not easy, and managing a busy spa is no exception, you are bound to face a number of challenges and one of them is speed of service - pronto “personalized service at a touch of a button" call buttons assists in ensuring that guests are in control and don’t feel neglected.


Meetings are a great way to boost revenue at your property and attract a constant stream of professionals and business travelers.

Service, in some properties, can be challenging especially for the guests with pre-meeting nerves that may have overlooked something when booking their meeting room or just requires additional service to prepare for their meeting.

Installing pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" call button ensures that the guest can receive attention quickly, thus, whilst it may not remedy a nervous guest, it does assist in alleviating any anxiety the guest may be feeling before their meeting.


Innovative hotels are rethinking the front desk experience, making it more personalized, more high-tech, more seamless.

As checking out is one of the last guest touch points pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" call button paired with Concierge and/or Bellman enables the Front Desk associate to, discreetly call for assistance for the guests luggage, whilst checking the guest out, leaving the guests with that positive last impression of their stay.


The aim of the Concierge team is to provide a discreet, efficient and seamless guest experience, however, this can sometimes be challenging when the associates are dealing with multiple guests requests at the same time.

Having pronto "personalised service at a touch of a button" call button installed at the desk means that the if the desk is, for whatever reason, unattended the guest can still receive "personalised service at a touch of a button" promptly.

The Concierge team may also utilize it to call for bellmen to assist with luggage requests.

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