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Immediate Benefits

We help hotels increase their guest satisfaction scores and maximize revenue capture rates, especially at peak periods, by enabling associates to work more efficiently, increasing the speed-of-service to guests.

INCREASED GUEST SATISFACTION By allowing guests to call for service at the touch of a button, pronto “personalised service at a touch of a button” ensures associates are always on hand to handle guests requests whenever the guests requests it.
FASTER GUEST REQUEST RESPONSE TIMES If your guests have to wait too long to place their order for drinks, appetizer or meals, it really won’t matter to them that your bartender makes the best cocktail or the chef prepared the best steak. Your guests are already irritated.

When the button is pressed, a signal is transmitted immediately to an associates smartwatch receiver alerting the associate of the table number requesting attention. Quality customer service levels improve as response times are faster.
INCREASED ASSOCIATES PRODUCTIVITY Success is directly proportional to the efficiency of your associates, pronto “personalised service at a touch of a button” enables your associates to attend to other tasks when not required by guests and they can be alerted to any specific guests looking for attention and can promptly attend to the guests.
INCREASED REVENUE Efficiency enables you to strengthen profits, improve sales, reputation, and gain higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The pronto “personalised service at a touch of a button” system enables faster performance service levels thus increasing the opportunity to serve more to guests and / or to serve more guests.
BOOST RANKING & REVIEWS Socially connected guests want to tell all of their friends about both their good or bad experiences on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other social media avenues. 

Pronto “personalised service at a touch of button” enables you, and your associates, to speed up service, thus ensuring that your guests leave with a positive impression of your service levels that is provided at your property.
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