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Frequently Asked Questions include:

The frequency that the pronto equipment operates at is 434,6500 MHz

Of course you can - contact your dealer for more information.

We offer a full two year warranty on all of our purchased products.

We operate a 14 day refund policy for private individuals only. If you are a company we offer up to 7 days trial - but only if you contact us first and sign our trial agreement.

watch will charge from 0 to 100% in approximately 3 hours and will last 24 hours, however, in time, as with all battery operated equipment operational time of the battery will decrease.

Yes the round press-for-service call buttons are waterproof certified with IP65 Waterproof so can be easy installed outdoor.

The 2 batteries that are mounted inside will last approximately 2 years(calculated on an average of 15 presses per day)

The press-for-service call button doesn’t need an instruction guide as it has to be pressed only. The smartwatch receiver comes with a user.

The watch will store 99 message calls after that will reset back to 0.


We will send one of our engineers to do a site survey and the installation free of charge. However, please note that there are additional travel costs that will be added – please contact us for further information.

The system is wireless and does not need any cabling, however, the signal booster requires access to a socket, as this is permanently on.

In order to install the system onsite as efficiently as possible, we configure it to your requirements off site and deliver it to you configured. It means that the engineer does not need to be at your site longer than is necessary, thus ensuring that your additional costs are kept to a minimum.


For front end staff, they are trained on how to login into the pager and to tap the response key on the bell.

For Back End, we train of fixing minor issues and troubleshooting.

The training should take no more than 3 hours.

It depends on where you are installing them but if you are having them installed in your outlets from F&B: Director of F&B | Waiting associates | Kitchen associates | Bar Tenders | Engineers | IT


The associates adapt to it within a couple of days.

It is really simple for the guests, as all they have to do is press the button, however, from feedback we have had, there is a very quick positive reaction from the guests.

Yes, as the associates become more productive and instead of walking around or hanging around, they attend to guests that are requesting service.

We have had feedback that guests do not have to stand up and wave their arms around to get the associates’ attention and that service becomes a lot more efficient.