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We are so confident that you will be able to see, and measure, the immediate improvements on your guest satisfaction scores and your revenue capture rates that we are offering a no obligation free trial.

Innovative Experience
  • With pronto system, service is just a discrete button press away.
  • pronto system helps deliver a quality, innovative service experience. The buttons log and prioritize requests for attention.
  • Guests can relax knowing they’ll be served promptly.
Service at a Touch of a Button
  • Putting extra call buttons in areas not fully serviced, like a lobby or garden, allows ordering without those areas being constantly manned.
Increased Service Coverage
  • Service coverage can be greatly increased in a cost effective manner.
  • The smartwatch receivers, associates and management can see exactly which guests have requested attention and in what order.
Kitchen & Bars
  • pronto is not just about guests requesting service.
  • The kitchen can alert servers when food or drinks orders are available for collection, eliminating associates hanging around the kitchen pass, or bar area to see if their order is ready.
Cost Effective
  • It is extremely cost-effective. As it runs across the same system as the call buttons. The only additional equipment required is the kitchen panel.
  • An additional panel can also be installed in the bar for the bar tenders to alert associates that their drink order is ready.
Clear Communication
  • This means kitchen and bar staff are able to alert the right associate just by pressing the button on the pronto panel. Messages arrive via smartwatch receivers.
  • pronto panels creates a vital link between the kitchen, the bar and with waiting associates.
  • The pronto system can tell you how many calls have been made to a particular associate thus enabling the supervisor to monitor and manage their productivity.
Press for Service Call Buttons
  • Press-for-Service call buttons have many advantages.
  • They need little or no explanation, can be put wherever you choose and can be either fixed or transportable.
Smartwatch Receivers
  • pronto system uses smartwatch based receivers.
  • With high quality displays and a familiar function they are a pleasure to use and highly intuitive. They come with a wealth of useful features.
  • You don’t need one receiver for each member of your team. And you don’t need to remember who has which receiver number. The associates that are allocated stations are the only ones that really need the smartwatch receiver but, it all depends on your own operation and how you want it programmed.
Programmed | Paired & Recharged
  • Each smartwatch receiver is programmed and paired to your specification, which you can also adjust yourself should you wish to change the pairing.
  • Each smartwatch receivers can be paired with all call buttons of the outlet and ignore the ones not on their station but, at the same time, be able to keep an eye on the table to ensure that the guest is being attended to, or it can be paired with only tables on stations. The choice is yours and how you want it configured.
  • The smartwatch receivers takes around 1 hour to recharge and will stay charged for 12 hours.
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